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UPDATED May, 2024

Welcome to Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association! 

         We are excited to get the 2024 season going!  We have a lot of new things coming this year! 
To our new members: Welcome!  Please do not hesitate to ask questions!  
We want this to be the best Season ever so just remember a few things to help you along the way:

     ​        1.    Check-in takes place Friday nights between 7-8pm and again Saturday mornings from 7-8am
                    We need to know all scratches and additions BEFORE 8am Saturday morning of the rodeo. If you have                     signed up for a rodeo and are not going to be able to make it, you need to call the Rodeo Secretary                     BEFORE 8am Saturday morning of the rodeo so that we do not delay the rodeo looking for your                     child(ren).  

            2.    Western attire is mandatory for competitors in the arena: long sleeve western shirt, boots and                    cowboy hat or helmet are required to be worn by anyone competing in the arena.  Pre-K                    competitors are encouraged to follow this as well.

            3.    The run sheet you have received over email may not exactly match the one the Announcer and                    Judges will have. This is because we may have someone "scratch" out of an event which would                    cause the run order to bump up.  We may also have some last minute entries to that event as well.                     Just be ready when your event is going on and listen for your name!

            4.    Your child(ren)'s minimum $100 sponsorship is due by the third rodeo, July 6, 2024. The minimum                     per family is $300 for 3 or more children. It is important to meet this deadline so that your                        child can continue to earn points towards year-end placings. You have the rest of the Season to turn                            in any additional sponsorship monies if you want to reach other levels of sponsorship awards!

            5.    If you feed Kalmbach Feeds, save those Proof of Purchase tags from your Tribute Equine Nutrition bags                     of feed and turn them in at the Announcer's Booth.  For each proof of purchase we collect, Kalmbach 
                   will give 25 cents back to our Association.