If you are a K-8 Member, in order to rodeo for points and earn awards at the end of the year, your minimum sponsorship fee of $100 is due by your second rodeo, with a total of $300 for families with 3 or more children participating.  If you do not choose to pay the $100 sponsorship by your second rodeo, your child is welcome to continue to rodeo for fun but will compete as an exposition contestant only and will not be eligible to earn day points/awards at the end of the year.

Along with the payment of your minimum sponsorship fee, you are entitled to receive a Membership Award at the end of the year.  Although this sponsorship fee is not mandatory for our Pre-K Members, they are eligible to receive the same Membership Award as the K-8 Members if they choose to pay it.

There are many other levels at which your Member can earn awards.  When you turn in $500 as an individual, or more in sponsorship monies, the Member will receive an award; at the $750 level they receive a bigger award; and at the $1000 level they will receive a larger award.